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With a presence in more than 240 countries, including the USA, UK, Australia, Middle East, Europe, and counting, your parcels will be delivered anywhere you want.

MNR Couriers - The Leading International Courier Services in Hyderabad

Send your couriers and parcels to your loved ones expectedly to any place in the world through road freight, air freight, and sea freight services. Delivering Couriers and Parcels Around the World with Speed and Expertise We are the best international courier services in Hyderabad with a presence in 240 plus countries around the world including the USA, UK, Europe, Middle East, Australia, and the list goes on. Schedule Your Couriers and Parcel Delivery at the Comfort of Your Home With Door Pickup Services, you need not go anywhere to schedule the delivery of your parcels and couriers. Contact us and we’ll come to your door to pick up your packages for delivery.

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Road Freight

Need to send your packages locally or within the country? Send them hassle-free in quick time and with the highest safety with our road freight courier services. With a team of experienced professionals and a backing of 5k plus vehicles for road transport, we can practically deliver any size, any weight package to anywhere within the country in quick turnaround times.

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Air Freight

Are you in a hurry to send your packages? Do you want to deliver a parcel to an international location? Whatever your need be, we’ve got you covered with our air freight services. With a global network of courier and delivery agents, we make sure that your parcels are delivered safely within the scheduled timelines. Even with the changing time clocks, there shall be no delays in your parcels reaching their destined locations with a perfect plan to manage the changing timelines.

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Sea Freight

Have you got a heavy cargo to deliver? You can trust your shipment to us. Whether it’s a heavy cargo with a full container load or a less than container load cargo or even an over the container load cargo, we help you in the seamless delivery of your shipments with our sea freight services. We have got networks at every touchpoint of the delivery process be it customs, ports, vendors, or even the rail/road delivery services agents. With these global networks, your cargos reach the destined locations with zero damage or loss within scheduled timelines.

Our Service Benefits

We’ve got so much to offer with extensive courier delivery services covering every means of transport across more than 240 countries.

Global Presence

We’re an internationally acclaimed courier delivery service with a global presence in more than 240 countries and counting.

Multiple Options

With global touchpoints, and road, air, and sea freight delivery services, we provide multiple options for the delivery of your packages.

Send Over the Container Cargos

With our sea freight services and connections to resolve issues at every delivery touch-point, we’ve got you covered even for over-the-container cargos and you need not worry about the successful delivery of the shipment even the least bit.

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Express and Speed Delivery in No Time

With multiple delivery options and services, we shall deliver your parcels, packages, and couriers in as quick turnaround times as you need. With much luck, we’ll deliver your parcels the same day to local locations.

End-to-End Logistics Solutions

If you need aid with your supply chain management and logistics delivery, we’ve got you covered with our end-to-end logistics solutions managing and delivering parcels and orders in bulk.

Door Pickup Services

Is your parcel too big for you to carry and come to our location? Well, you need not go through any trouble at all. You can just contact us and we’ll be right at your door to pick up your package and send it in for delivery to the destined location.

Why Work With Us?

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With our express delivery, global presence, excellent cargo handling skills, and extensive customer support we’ve got you covered for all your local and international courier delivery services needs.

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We are the leading international courier delivery services provider in the country with a global presence and backing of multiple means of transport that help us accept any size, any weight packages for delivery.

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We are a brilliant team of courier handling, packaging, and delivery partners working in global association with each other to meet your end-to-end courier delivery needs and requirements.

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Whatever be your queries, problems, or issues regarding couriers and packages, we’re there to address them. Our customer support is ever ready and very happy to help you with tracking needs and requirements, delivery status, and other things encompassing your concerns for your packages and parcels.

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We keep your packages, parcels, and cargos with utmost care and ensure that there’s not even the least bit of damage to anything contained in the couriers during the transport and delivery.

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